Pharmacist who drugged colleague granted bail

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He was sentenced to 10 months jail but immediately appealed and was granted bail

A Sydney pharmacist who repeatedly drugged a female colleague after she refused his sexual advances has been sentenced to a minimum of 10 months in jail.

Yan Chi “Anthony” Cheung, 34, spiked the water and coffee of his colleague, 26-year-old pharmacy assistant Pamela Leung, as they worked together in a pharmacy on the University of NSW’s Kensington campus.

He immediately appealed against the decision of Waverley Local Court magistrate Michael Barko and was granted bail, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mr Barko sentenced Cheung to a minimum 10 months but a maximum of 12 months’ imprisonment.

In handing down his sentence, Mr Barko said the offence had caused substantial harm to the victim.

“This was pre-planned, premeditated, execution of criminal offending over a long period of time involving the same victim,” Mr Barko said.

In her victim impact statement, Ms Leung described the offender’s actions as “sadistic”.

“The incomprehensible experience has robbed me of my trust towards people,” she wrote.

“I painfully struggle to process what has happened.”

Ms Leung told police that she asked Cheung to stop making sexual advances towards her after he brushed past her breasts and bottom.

But Cheung later told police he began putting prescription drugs in her water and her coffee to make her “suffer” for refuting his advances.

Over the course of a year, he drugged her 23 times using Phenergan, doxylamine, Endep, Seroquel and Deptran.

At one stage, about March 2016, he put 150 milligrams of Deptran into Ms Leung’s tin of instant coffee meaning she poisoned herself each time she made a coffee, says the Herald.

Some of the drugs can also cause infertility with prolonged use, police said.

“As a pharmacist, [Cheung] had detailed knowledge of these drugs and the effects through his studies and employment,” police said.

Ms Leung told police she had felt ill during shifts a number of times since May last year.

In CCTV footage seized by police, Cheung was caught pouring an unknown substance into Ms Leung’s drinks.

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  1. mimi

    It is a shame to have a pharmacist doing this. I hope that Ahpra stopped his registration for ever

  2. Suzanne O'Brien

    Unbelievable, 12 mths maximum. Should have been 12 years for statutory rape.

  3. Stace

    OMG!!!! He should absolutely lose his registration and how on earth did he get out on bail?!? Were all these tablets from his personal supply or off the pharmacy shelf? Is it not illegal to possess S4’s without a prescription? His registration is ‘Suspended’ .. Totally unacceptable if he is ever allowed to practice as a pharmacist EVER again.

  4. Kitty

    Sorry if I sound ignorant but how does any of the drugs cause infertility?

  5. carol

    this man is a criminal, using his position of trust and responsibility, both to his collegues and the Community- and he does this?if he does this, what else is he capable of?? Ban him from EVER practicing again!!


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