Pharmacist faces ice, cocaine & prescription drug charges

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A Victorian pharmacist is facing court over a string of drug-related offences including trafficking, possession and use

The Latrobe Valley Express reports that the pharmacist is facing charges of trafficking drugs of dependence between May 1, 2014 and February 4, 2015.

The drugs involved include APO Morphine, MS Contin, OxyContin, Endone, Psyeptone, Dexamphetamine, Kalma, Diazepam, Kapinol, sildenafil, Xanax, Stilnox and pseudoephedrine-containing cold and flu preparations; as well as illegal drugs including cannabis and cocaine.

The pharmacist is also facing charges of possessing and using ice before he was arrested. The arrest followed raids on pharmacies and a residence in the Latrobe Valley.

His wife is also facing drug possession charges.

The pharmacist is currently on bail.

The Express reports that one witness told the Court that the man provided prescription medicines sometimes as part of a “party process” when the two socialised; the pharmacist also gave the witness Stilnox on one or two occasions, the witness said.

He also said the pharmacist had been asked to bring “pippoes,” or ice pipes, to a party to facilitate the use of the drug, and that the two shared ice at this party.

The pharmacist’s defence lawyer told the Court that the provision of prescription medicines was a gift and that no transaction took place.

However the first witness said he provided $25,000 to the pharmacist “to help with cashflow problems [he] was experiencing with his pharmacy at the time”.

“The understanding was that [the pharmacist] would reimburse the witness with monthly repayments of $2000,” writes Express reporter Bryce Eishold.

“Payment was made in one lump sum, the witness told the court on Monday.”

The pharmacist is also facing charges regarding a series of prescription medicine storage offences, not having kept records required, failure to report missing poisons or controlled substances and possessing fireworks.

The committal hearing will commence in December.

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  1. Philip Smith

    If proven guilty should be banned for life.
    This seems to be happening on a more frequent basis.

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