Pharmacist parenting faux pas?

A photo of the birthday treat posted on Facebook by a concerned mother.

A pharmacist mum has drawn strong criticism after handing out prescription pill bottles filled with M&Ms to kids

A mum from South Dakota in US reportedly handed out creative birthday treats to her child’s classmates that concerned some parents, according to KDLT news.

The news report explains that every student in the class received a birthday treat that was prescription pill bottle filled with M&Ms, and labelled ‘eat one M&M as needed’.

As shown in the picture, the bottles were printed from Lewis Drug’s pharmacy where the child’s mother works as a pharmacist.

A concerned parent posted a picture of the birthday treat to Facebook with the message: “we have several concerns, as we have taught our children that medicine is NOT candy.”

Dan Peterson who owns a local pharmacy in the area told the media that it’s important to teach children that medicine is not candy.

“That’s one thing they taught us in school, don’t ever associate medicine with candy because then kids have the potential to get into it and they potentially think it’s candy,” says Peterson.

If a child does get a hold of medicines, Peterson says the result can be deadly.

“It could be something as mild as an upset stomach, but if it’s the wrong medication, that is definitely a possibility unfortunately,” Peterson told KDLT News.

Meanwhile, on the AJP forum a pharmacist parent has brought up the topic of donating empty medicine boxes, including Subutex and Suboxone boxes, to their child’s school.

He says late last year the school asked him to stop sending these boxes because one of the parents complained about the type of medicine they were.

While some pharmacists agreed with the original poster – “when did the world get so crazy?” says one – others mention it may not be appropriate to give children packaging associated with serious illness, illicit use, and addiction.

What do you think about kids and pharmacy packaging? Get involved in the conversation here.

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  1. Vicki Dyson

    Must admit having done a similar thing without stopping to think of any consequences. Prepared some homesick ‘pills’ for a nephew starting school. Worked a treat. I think he might have had his suspicions about when he tasted their chocolaty centres but didn’t let on.

  2. Ian Carr

    A very bad lesson indeed for impressionable children. Nothing at all like the concept of Vita Gummies, which are serious medicine.

  3. William

    Just goes to show how pharmacist shopkeepers do not think about their actions when trying to promote their business.
    Mind you I can remember Nicholas have chewable animal shaped vitamins which were not much better. Then there were “Laxettes” which had phenolphthalein incorporated in chocolate.

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