Pharmacist petition urges containment

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‘Flatten the curve’: A pharmacist and GP has started an online petition calling for the immediate closure of schools and workplaces

Victorian pharmacist and GP Dr Jomini Cheong launched the petition to nine political leaders, including the premiers of Victoria, Queensland, NSW, WA, Tasmania and SA, as well as Minister for Health Greg Hunt, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Brendan Murphy.

“Dear decision-makers and leaders of Australia, I am personally writing this from the perspective of a concerned citizen, medical practitioner, pharmacist, small business owner and father of three young children, including one who is school aged,” says Dr Cheong.

“The impact of Covid-19 is accelerating at an exponential pace. The news of our hard-hit colleagues in Italy and Europe has given us a chance to act immediately on the very precious extra time that we have to prevent following a similar trend and to learn from their experience. This will allow our health systems to better cope with the expected rise in cases, and save many lives in the process.”

The petition urges immediate acceleration to Stage 2 and 3 of the pandemic plans, for example, targeted and peak action to contain the spread.

It strongly recommends the following actions to immediately to “flatten the curve”:

  1. Highlight and encourage social distancing
  2. Accelerate to Phase 2/3 of plans
  3. Close public gathering places, i.e. schools and universities, workplaces

“The problem now is that we are very quickly running out of time,” says Dr Cheong, adding that the above actions would save lives.

More than 6000 people have now signed the petition.

View the petition here

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  1. Philip Smith

    Who looks after the children if parents are both doctors, nurses, pharmacist or first responders and not living near family? School should be shut on case by case basis.

    • Julien Benney

      That is a good question. Should they be able to stay in hospitals, or with another relative who is not working in urgent jobs?

      Schools should all be closed until no new cases have occurred for minimally six weeks. All exams should immediately be postponed to 2021, as should indeed all school and university classes.

      Major gatherings or sporting or cultural events in Victoria up to at least the end of the coming summer (February 2021) should be immediately cancelled or, if possible, relocated. There must be no plan for a quick fix, but a plan for complete elimination of the virus, without concern for the cost to big business and without any belief a vaccine or treatment will be found by 2021, or 2022, or 2023.

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