Pharmacist takes anti-vax battle to social media

Sydney pharmacist uses TikTok to hilariously refute the messages being pushed by anti-vaxxers

A Sydney pharmacist has seen a video he posted on popular social media platform go viral.

In the video, titled ‘The Perfect Solution’, pharmacist Mustafa Dhahir cleverly pokes fun at anti-vaxxers by “suggesting’ a seemingly novel compromise approach to the problem of immunity. 


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Mr Dhahir, an intern at a Priceline Pharmacy and a medical student at the University of Sydney, said in the video:   

“I have a solution to the vax versus anti-vax situation we’re in right now. I’m so sick of this argument…. so I suggest a compromise. Those who are pro-vaccine want to gain immunity against the virus, while those who are opposed to the vaccine want to get the virus so they can gain immunity naturally,” he said.

“I suggest we meet somewhere in the middle. Why don’t we just expose people to a weakened version of the virus or pieces of the virus so that people can naturally gain immunity without being exposed to the full risks of the virus. And we know this is safe, because this was done by Edward Jenner, who is known as the father of immunology…” 

He then went on to describe Jenner’s famous early experiments with providing smallpox vaccine. 

Of course, Mustafa was describing the way that vaccines actually work, as was pointed out by many of his more switched-on viewers.

Among the comments he received were:

“The amount of heads this is going to go straight over.”  

“Thanking my Year 12 biology class, bc I got this joke.”

“Wow, what an amazing idea … why haven’t they thought of doing this before. Ohhh wait.”

“Incredible. I mean you would have thought this had already been considered. Genius.” 

Mustafa regularly provides video snippets about pharmacy and health topics to his 244,000 followers on TikTok .

He told he downloaded the popular social media app last year while “bored and stuck at home during the first lockdown” and it quickly developed into a platform where he shared videos about his pharmaceutical work.


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