Pharmacist turns skincare queen

AJP chats with community and consultant pharmacist Cassie Sanghvi, who makes up one-half of organic skincare brand The Base Collective

Melbourne based duo Carly Pountney and Cassie Sanghvi (pictured, left to right) are the founders of The Base Collective, a new lifestyle brand that focuses on offering a range of skincare products.

Founded in 2016, The Base Collective hosts a range of certified organic products that come presented in low environmental impact packaging.

Following many years in their defined career paths—Cassie being a pharmacist and Carly working in banking—together, they identified a rising need and a gap in the market for a range of skincare that was both free from unwanted chemicals and design focused.

AJP spoke with pharmacist Cassie about how she ended up breaking into the skincare market.

How long have you been a pharmacist for?

I have been a pharmacist for 12 years, I graduated from Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga in 2004 and gained my registration in 2005. I have been practising in Melbourne since then in community pharmacy and also conducting Home Medication Reviews.

Why did you decide to launch a new skincare brand?

It all stemmed from becoming a mother and not being able to find a product that I was 100% happy to use on my children. I enjoy living the organic way of life and I couldn’t find a product that ticked all the boxes in regard to ingredients, function, genuine no nasties and also something that looked good enough from a design perspective to leave out in your bathroom.

We then launched our core magnesium range. Carly and I were both experiencing the benefits of magnesium in our lives and thought: “Why not incorporate it into a stand-alone amazing organic skincare range and supercharge it with magnesium?” So you are essentially getting nutrition via skincare. One of the biggest problems I would see while conducting Home Medication Reviews was compliance issues, and also problems swallowing tablets – transdermal absorption overcomes these concerns.

How did your pharmacist background feed into your new range?

It’s played a major role in the development of each of the lines. Being a pharmacist I have a comprehensive knowledge of all the ingredients that go into making a formulation, their function and also their impact on the product from a pharmaceutical perspective but also the impact on the consumer in relation to sensitivity etc.

It’s being allowed us to say no a lot and ensure our formulations are exactly where we want them to be.

Why did you decide to pair up with Carly to create The Base Collective?

We are friends and met when our eldest children started 3-year-old kinder. We have skillsets that complement each other and were both looking for a project outside our usual lines of work.

The Base Collective range is available in some independent pharmacies and they are currently looking for a Banner group to partner with.

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