Pharmacist up on assault charge

tribunal hearing legal case

A pharmacist has been sentenced to a good behaviour bond after she hit her child with a coat hanger

News Corp media report that the Queensland pharmacist, who has not been named, was running late for work when her toddler son was “acting up”.

She disciplined the child by striking him on the leg several times with a plastic coat hanger.

She then took him to child care and told the carers that he had been disciplined for his behaviour, pointing out red marks on his leg.

She was later charge with assaulting the boy.

She fronted the Pine Rivers Magistrates Court this week and said that during her own upbringing in Malaysia, she had experienced strict parenting, finding it not out of the ordinary to be “locked in a room and disciplined with a clothes hanger”.

She said that she had been unaware of cultural and legal differences between Malaysia and Australia until the charge was pressed.

She immediately signed up for a parenting course to learn more positive disciplinary methods which are acceptable in Australia.

Police prosecutor sergeant Graham Turner noted that she was not an abusive parent, and the incident was only a case of “excessive domestic discipline,” writes News Corp reporter Bianca Hrovat.

Magistrate Melanie Ho accepted that she was simply an “exasperated, busy working mother” and had been unaware of the cultural difference.

“You’re a highly educated woman, and I’m confident there’ll be no further occurrences,” Ms Ho said.

The pharmacist was handed a 12-month, $1000 good behaviour bond.

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