‘Pharmacists can’t stay home.’

Image: PSA/Facebook.

PSA launches social media campaign highlighting the importance of PPE for pharmacists on the frontline

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has launched a campaign across social media calling for the recognition of pharmacists as “essential frontline health care workers”.

In its posts, the PSA highlights the importance of “timely access” to appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks for pharmacists.

On its COVID-19 microsite, the PSA says there has been “significant confusion and misinformation” regarding the use of face masks and PPE in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current advice to pharmacists and pharmacy staff regarding use of masks varies between locations, depending on risk of exposure to COVID-19:

  • Areas of high community transmission (Victoria): Masks must be worn at all times at work.
  • Areas of low-to-moderate community transmission (NSW): Mask use recommended while at work.
  • Areas of no known community transmission (rest of Australia): Masks not currently recommended, but may be used.

Some workplaces, such as aged care, may adopt more proactive protocols for use of face masks (e.g. aged care).

Where pharmacists and pharmacy staff wear face masks, they should be medical grade masks, such as type 1 surgical masks. Cloth masks and reusable masks should not be used, emphasised the PSA.

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