‘Pharmacists must be valued.’

Kristen Michaels

The SHPA has called for pharmacists to be “appropriately valued” as their roles grow and change

SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels responded to an article published in the AJP earlier this week, which reported on the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s submission to the Fair Work Commission.

This submission was in response to a work value claim made by APESMA (Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia – now PPA).

The Pharmacy Guild argued that APESMA had not demonstrated the “significant net addition” to the work of pharmacists required in a work value case.

Ms Michaels told the AJP that evidence of the growing impact and influence of pharmacists continues to build, across the sector.

“There is no question new pharmacy roles are emerging and core pharmacy roles are expanding in scope – SHPA continues to advocate for growing recognition of this unique expertise and its criticality to patient care,” Ms Michaels says. 

“For example, SHPA remains committed to the Advanced Practice Collaborative as a strategic driver of the new Advancing Practice program, and our Specialty Practice streams provide a nationwide conduit for harnessing the collective expertise of pharmacists to develop and deliver new and enhanced resources to improve all areas of pharmacy practice.”

Ms Michaels says optimal care for all Australians depends on a national pharmacist workforce that is well-trained and appropriately valued.

“As well as attracting the best and brightest students to a long and successful career in pharmacy, fostering pharmacists’ excellence is particularly important to supporting patients as they move from the community into hospital and back to the community again, a time when poor medicines use can have grave ramifications.

 “As Australia’s number two most trusted professional group, pharmacists must be valued by the health system as much as they are valued by the public.”

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  1. Debbie Rigby

    Thank you SHPA for saying what needs to be said. So contradictory to be saying pharmacists should be expanding and working to the top of their scope with new and existing professionals services, and then arguing (for the sake of keeping wages low) that there is no “significant net addition” to our role over the last decade.

  2. Peter Crothers

    Exactly. What we need is pharmacy organisations actually talking up the value of pharmacists. There is nothing strange about the idea and nothing to lose from it either. If pharmacy is to have a viable and commercially sustainable future it will be as a clinical healthcare provider then and it will be clinical skills and value-add that matter.

  3. Paul Sapardanis

    How can we be valued by the healthcare community if the services we offer are done for free or well below cost. If it is a service that is valued then a fee should be charged

  4. Gavin Mingay

    We need a strong body to represent pharmacists, without prejudice towards owners or towards making profit from “education”. Pharmacy needs representation for all pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. The profession is being killed and our position as the number two most trusted profession is slipping. 🙁

    • Jarrod McMaugh

      I can’t think of any representative body in pharmacy that makes a profit from education ( or “education” – whatever the quotation marks represent)

      • Gavin Mingay

        Actually, I just discovered the PSA’s Mission Statement includes “PSA provides lifelong professional support for pharmacists and the
        pharmacy profession, and advocates for their appropriate recognition and
        remuneration.” Problem solved – the PSA are going to save us…

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