Pharmacists up to no good?

A scene in Vials. Source: Vials TV, Facebook.
A scene in Vials. Source: Vials TV, Facebook.

What is the worst thing you have seen a tech or pharmacist do in a pharmacy? People share their stories

A new series called Vials, which kicks off on US Thanksgiving Day (23 November), is a tongue-in-cheek look into the lives of pharmacists, interns and technicians.

The question is, will Vials place pharmacists in a positive, professional light?

With the pilot episode revolving around whether a pharmacy staff member would sneak a Xanax to take the edge off while having a bad day at work… Probably not. But it does promise to be funny!

In building up its audience ahead of the pilot episode, Vials on Facebook has asked people: What is the worst thing you have seen a tech or pharmacist do in a pharmacy?

Here’s what people on Facebook said:

“Worked in a store that broke in new pharmacists that just passed the NAPLEX [North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination] and had one that hid under the counter and cried on her first day. My store was a high volume store.”

“I had a pharmacist smoke a cigarette out of the drive through drawer because she didn’t want to leave the pharmacy because she didn’t trust leaving any of us alone.”

“Tech stole an entire bottle of Opana [oxymorphone] from the safe while I had it opened getting another C2 med. Found out after next month count and she came clean.”

“If only this was a hospital pharm show. Caught tech and pharmacist working midnights in relations on the IV hood bench. RN kept complaining no one would answer the phone at night.”

“Our star pharmacist ended up selling oxycodone 30mg to her accomplices got caught, arrested at our store and she just graduated 2 years prior.”

“I watched a pharmacist get mad at a patient and rub her crotch with the script before giving it back.”

“The girls I work with now told me there was a pharmacist they had worked for that would throw things like bottles and staplers at the customers.”

“I worked with a pharmacist who sat down in full view of customers and cracked open a dealcoholized beer. It looked just like a real beer though and smelled like it too!”

“I had a pharmacist who would sleep in between two rows of meds. He was a floater but at our store enough that he knew we were high volume. He just didn’t care.”

“We had a pharmacist that worked the graveyard shift, on many occasions he left his false teeth on the counter, and that was the first thing I would see coming in the door in the morning.”

“Had an old pharmacist (old as in had been around a long time as well as physically old) help himself to a couple swigs of prometh w/ codeine straight out of the bottle for his ‘cough’. He then proceeded to sit down, close his eyes and take an hour long nap.”

“We had a midnight pharmacist who would clip his toenails at work. Never witnessed but the nasty clippings were all over the floor.”

“Came across a pharmacist that worked 100 hour weeks. Thought she was crazy…. Apparently she was helping herself to the amphetamines.”

“Worked at a store where a pharmacist who worked overnights alone would write his own scripts for tramadol, klonopin claiming they were phoned in by his doc (in the middle of the night) and then type up, fill, and sell them to himself. He got fired.”

“Currently work with a Real Housewives type pharmacist who is too busy on FB and Ebay to answer the phone; and will instead say, “not it,” when it rings (like she’s 6 and not nearing 50).”

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“I used to work as a pharm tech in a hospital back when orders used to be faxed down and entered into the computer by a pharmacist. One of the evening pharmacists was easily overwhelmed and would often shred orders that he felt were unimportant to pare down his work flow.”

“Witnessed a Pharmacist go full Gordon Ramsey on his Pharmacy Techs on many occasions and somehow he still has a job.”

“Two male pharmacist co-workers got into a fist-fight in front of the patient window.”

“I had a pharmacist snorting Adderall in the bathroom and then replacing it with his ‘script’ of Effexor XR.”

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What’s the worst thing you have since a tech or pharmacist do in a pharmacy?

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  1. Jarrod McMaugh

    I think the most important question here is:

    Can we stream this in Australia?

  2. pagophilus

    Sounds like a load of crap. Many of those quotes seem far-fetched. Hearing real stories from Australia would be far more interesting. I’ll stick to reality thank you, rather than eating my previous time on this garbage.

  3. David

    What aload of crap

  4. Anne-Lyn Lee

    “If they wanted you dead, you would be….” doesn’t sound very positive or professional

  5. Amandarose

    I am actually pretty jaded at the dodginess I witness every week in pharmacy.
    The reality is we have no power to report or stop fraud without becoming unemployed and broke. I try and fix the problems and raise them to embarrass owners to get their crap together.
    I wish there was an anonymous place to vent as even here you worry.
    The reality is an entitled attitude means some feel they can fraudulently claim scripts and services like Medschecks and interventions as “ compensation” for price disclosure.
    My head throbs in rage and yet due to HMR caps I am forced to work in an industry that bubbles with everyday fraud. God only knows what nonsense they will be up to when pharmacy’s must follow up HMR’s even if the patient does not have a regular pharmacy.
    Small industry combined with no power with employees means we are complicit and I hate that.

  6. anthony bugeja

    I have been in pharmacy for 35 years and in that time have seen issues equal to or worse than the story lines in Vials! I may submit some of these for their Aussie version if that ever comes around. eg I Had a manager working for me once who used to drink Catovit liquid in front of the shop girls telling them it was the only way he could get through the day after his big weekends and offered some to them as well!

  7. Andrew

    I have a relatively benign one – a pharmacy local to me has adjusted their OTC codeine price to “crazy cheap” ($5 for 40 pack). I noted this to the assistant that served me (didn’t see the pharmacist…) who simply remarked “oh, we ordered too much”.

    QuM FTW.

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