A new edition

Don’t Rush to Crush has been comprehensively revised and is now in its third edition

The textbook, required by the Pharmacy Board of Australia, is described by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia as the “essential guide to safely administering oral medicines to people with enteral feeding tubes or swallowing difficulties”.

Don’t Rush to Crush 3 includes 570 oral medicines, including 50 additions, and a new format enhancing focus on patient-centred care.

Editorial Chair and SHPA Board Director Dr Lisa Pont says new, clear monograph features will make information easier and quicker to browse, assisting decision-making for busy pharmacists and nurses.

“The new format monographs present a series of options for each medicine, clearly showing whether tablets can be dispersed, dissolved or crushed and the potential subsequent impacts on clinical care,” she says.

“Based on feedback and to aid paediatric care, Don’t Rush to Crush 3 also includes a new section, ‘What to do for doses less than a whole tablet’ for selected medicines, assisting health professionals when giving very small doses, including instructions for preparing aliquots.”

Don’t Rush to Crush 3 is available via the SHPA Bookshop, eMIMSCloud and MIMS Online, and AusDI.

SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels says Don’t Rush to Crush remains an essential frontline resource to manage risk and ensure quality care in all healthcare settings.

“Informed by decades of hospital pharmacist experience and the multi-disciplinary input of the editorial committee, Don’t Rush to Crush provides information at the point of care that helps ensure patients receive their medicines in a manner that is safe and maintains medication efficacy,” she says.

“SHPA conducted extensive dispersion studies and consulted over 650 health professionals in the preparation of Don’t Rush to Crush 3, including broad road-testing with key user groups, so we are confident the new format will enhance focus on truly patient-centred care.”

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  1. Gavin Mingay

    Don’t rush to crush the old books – might take a little while for delivery of the new version…

  2. Andrew

    Any chance we can get this as part of the standard MIMs subscription – it’s too important a reference to require additional subscription. Could be a nice gesture from SHPA to provide it gratis, probably save a few misadventures too.

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