Advancing Practice applications open

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Advancing Practice has again opened for applications, marking Round 1 of the 2019 program and the second year of Australia’s new pharmacy practitioner credentialing pathway

Round 1 – which closes Friday 15 February 2019, after which applicants will have four months to compile their practice portfolio for independent evaluation – is the fourth Advancing Practice round overall since last year’s successful launch in March, and first credentialing announcement in October.

Nam-Anh Nguyen, Advanced Practice Pharmacist from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth, one of the first pharmacists to undertake Advancing Practice, credits the program with providing the focus and inspiration to balance her career with starting a family.

“Beyond the value of understanding the impact of my practice, an unexpected benefit has been building my professional confidence after returning from parental leave, with another period of parental leave soon,” says Ms Nguyen.

“I feel much more relaxed, knowing I won’t ‘fall behind’. Advancing Practice has affirmed my career stage and helped me map out my future growth.”

Jared Brown, Advanced Practice Pharmacist from the NSW Poisons Information Centre, hosted by the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, was also credentialed last year, having first undertaken the Australian Pharmacy Council’s pilot Advanced Practice program in 2015.

“The first time I went through the accreditation process I was credentialed at Stage 2 and this time around I knew I needed to focus on better documenting what I had already done, to capture evidence of my practice properly,” he says.

“The best feedback I can give to pharmacists about to tackle Advancing Practice is to plan ahead – the portal and software is very user friendly, but you do need time to build your portfolio!”

Applications can be made here.

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  1. Rural Pharmacist

    Can the AJP publish some evidence to support this that isn’t the opininon of someone who forked out $700 and spent months on their portfolio.

  2. Gavin Mingay

    Another $750 to get a few extra letters after our name… Add to that the $710 for the MPS letters after our name… So we have to work for about 87 hours just to pay for those letters… 🙁

    • Rural Pharmacist

      Yep. Problem is they’ll make a requirement soon. Our industry doesn’t have enough professional regulatory barriers apparently.

      • Jarrod McMaugh


        The definition of “advancing” would make it incompatible with a general registration process.

        It’s not compulsory & won’t be. I wouldn’t stress about it too much

        • Rural Pharmacist

          Won’t become part of the registration you’re right. I work for public hospital system, issue will be down the track the state awards will pick it up and you won’t have a choice. It’s not based on evidence and is completely unecessary. Worked with plenty “advanced practice” pharmacists. Advanced probably wouldn’t be the word I’d use to describe them

          • Jarrod McMaugh

            Well, Advancing Practice isithe SHPA offering in this space. Perhaps they have a strategy for how it would be implemented if they saw it becoming a requirement for employment?

          • Rural Pharmacist

            They have their plan they’re just a professional body no actual regulatory powers. However the State awards are heavily influenced by them. Fine for the Advancing practice board’s metro hospitals who have 100 applicants for 1 job. Dread the day we have to turn away our 1 applicant who’s “not qualified” because they haven’t paid some self governing group $750 to become “advanced”. Just wish the AJP would stop writing puff pieces on it. There’s no evidence it produces better pharmacists or changes public perceptons of pharmacists. It will have a negative effect pushing good talent out of our industry into less regulated higher earning industries, meanwhile patting the people on the back who feel they need to be acknowledged as “advanced”

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