Guild highlights pharmacy transformation tools

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The Guild has highlighted a range of tools and support available to help pharmacies transform their businesses in a way that will deliver better outcomes for patients, and stronger businesses for pharmacists and pharmacy staff, it says.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia says it is focused on delivering the best support to its members to broaden the range of services delivered successfully to patients while strengthening the underpinnings of pharmacy businesses.

The National President of the Pharmacy Guild, George Tambassis, says: “Pharmacy transformation does not necessarily mean moving from the core business of dispensing medicines and related products and services.

“Rather, it’s about incorporating professional services that complement and add value to provide an integrated health solution.”

The programs and tools now available to Guild pharmacies include:


Opportunity analysis tool

  • A customised report highlighting lost opportunity income linked to key service areas (6CPA funded programs, third party income, prescription and medication programs, screening and testing services).
  • The tool also establishes a performance benchmarking mechanism to help participating pharmacies secure revenue as they move to a professional services model.
  • Data from pharmacies which have undertaken opportunity analysis shows that most pharmacies are missing out on significant annual income from professional services.


Pharmacy Health Solutions

  • A guide on initial steps towards optimising health outcomes from pharmacist-led counselling advice, with a flow-on effect of increasing front-of-pharmacy sales. A Preparing your pharmacy for change guide provides pharmacy owners with information on how to implement changes within their pharmacy.


Health Advice Plus program

This flagship program is designed to assist pharmacy owners to understand and reach professional service potential through:

  • Program Guide and training;
  • Mentoring and implementation support;
  • Consultation space set-up assistance;
  • Communication and marketing; and
  • Complete Health Promotion modules.


Professional services viability tool

  • Combining established cost bases with a pharmacy’s own details, the Professional Services Viability Tool provides a fee-for-service guide for delivering pharmacy professional services. The tool can be used to determine the pharmacy’s own service fee according to its individual costs, associated product sales and profit margin relative to the competitive environment.




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