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From 1 November 2021 AJP.com.au will be accessible only to pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Find out how to log in and stay in

This move will ensure the continued relevance of the website’s content, which is specifically developed for pharmacists, as well as pharmacists’ safety while interacting with others on the site. Making the website accessible to HCPs only will also further align the site with the TGA*. 

David Weston, chief executive officer of APPco (the publisher of the AJP), says: “AJP.com.au is home to everything that’s relevant to pharmacists. Securing the site for registered users ensures that AJP.com.au will continue to be pharmacy’s No.1 online source of news, views, information and education.

“Registered pharmacists (ANZ) can be reassured that all information on the website is just for HCPs, and that they can interact and express views about pharmacy-related issues in a pharmacy-only space.”

Once registered to the website, you only need one login and password to access the AJP website. Registration is free and gives you access to:

  • Up-to-the-minute news and views on all things pharmacy
  • CPD-accredited articles and activities
  • Webinars on issues related to pharmacy, many with CPD accreditation
  • The AJP podcast
  • A registered pharmacist-only forum
  • The AJP e-mag: a member bonus for PDL members. (Pharmacy students may also subscribe to the AJP emag for free. Other non-PDL registered pharmacists are required to pay an annual subscription)

How to register, log in and stay in

If you are not an existing registered user of the website, and would like to retain access to it after 30 October, please register here.

Once you are registered, you may then log in.

The website will remember your login for 12 months, if you leave the ‘Remember me’ box checked (see example below). You will need to log in on all the different devices you use to access AJP.com.au.

If you are a PDL member you are already automatically registered to AJP.com.au. Please use your login and leave the ‘Remember me’ box checked (see example above), to stay logged in for 12 months.

If you are an existing registered user of the website, then you already have a login

The website will remember your login for 12 months, if you leave the ‘Remember me’ box checked (see example above). You will need to log in on all the different devices you use to access AJP.com.au

If you are having issues either remembering your login (for existing registered users) or creating a new login (for new registered users), assistance is available in the Help section.

*Therapeutic Goods Act 1989: ‘For online advertisements to be considered as directed exclusively to health professionals, the content needs to be secured so that it can only be accessed by confirmed health professionals.’

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  1. Sean G

    Will people still be able to comment pseudonymously? I’ve had quite a few interesting discussions with people that I don’t think they would’ve entertained if they were forced to use their full name.

    • Hi Sean
      Thanks for the comment. We’re still reviewing how to approach this question. We certainly don’t want to discourage people from commenting, and understand there would definitely be topics upon which people would not necessarily want their opinions revealed publicly, even within a closed setting of pharmacists.
      We will provide further information on this as we get closer to the 1 November
      Regards, Chris Brooker, Editor

  2. Jacqueline Marshall

    As soon as I close the article I’m reading, I’m logged out. How do I stay connected?

    • Hi Jacqueline

      I’ve run this by our IT people who have responded:
      “It sounds like a browser setting issue,
      The website login system sets a browser cookie when the user logs in, this cookie should be persistent but most browsers have an option to ‘clear cookies when closing the browser’. She should check the browser cookie settings to make sure they are allowed and they are not set to be removed when closing the browser.
      All browsers are different with their settings and we would need to know which browser she is using to be able to help more.”

      Did you want to email this info to me at chris.brooker@appco.com.au and I can pursue this matter further?
      Regards, Chris Brooker, Editor

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