Minfos 5.0.1 unveiled

Minfos has announced a major software upgrade – Minfos 5.0.1

The free upgrade will be available to all Minfos customers at no charge in June 2017.

The upgrade features automatic product updates, scripts on file alert and named discount functionality, all packaged in a new, modern design.

Andrew Hall, EBOS General Manager Pharmacy Technology said, “At Minfos, our philosophy has always been to deliver a complete solution to help pharmacies maximise their business potential. With the free Minfos 5.0.1 software upgrade our customers can operate more efficiently than ever before.”

Minfos’ new automatic product updates can save time and increase accuracy. Stock managers can now reduce manual management of product data such as barcodes, product descriptions and ordering codes – minimising data entry errors.

Minfos’ database includes nearly 500,000 products sourced straight from the wholesaler or supplier and over 4,000 product updates are applied daily.

The “scripts on file alert” helps to add value to customers’ in-store experience and deliver better patient care by indicating to pharmacy staff at the till or dispense that the customer has their scripts kept in pharmacy. This can assist with customer retention and streamline the script refill process for the customer.

Minfos now provides more pricing functionalities: in the “Till” module, retail managers can create a discount policy with Minfos’ named discounts. This simplifies the process for retail staff to apply named discounts such as employee discounts to transactions at the till.

Managers can then use the discount reports to analyse and track specific discount usage or report on all discounts for a specific date range. They can also review metrics such as discounted quantity, sales and gross profit percentage. This helps pharmacies to monitor discount policies and the impact on business performance.

“Increasing business intelligence and enabling more visibility on pharmacy performance are critical considerations of our new update. Our solution can assist pharmacies struggling with inventory management, while also enhancing service delivery for our existing customers,” Mr Hall said.

“For every software release, we collaborate with customers to understand what is important to a pharmacy and how it can improve their business. We work with our customers to validate the workflow and test the software robustness before we deliver to market.

“Together with this process, we use the Agile method to develop our software to ensure that we continually improve our products and services to meet the changing needs of pharmacy.”

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  1. Karalyn Huxhagen

    still many issues that were there in last version plus an old error has crept back in. Selection of medication is making the error rate much higher in the new version as scanning the barcode off the Rx does not bring up the exact drug that the GP prescribed. It selects the range of that molecule and then you have to tab to the exact one. when checking technician work since the new module was loaded I have noted a lot more molecule selection issues when were not there before this update. slows you down and makes checking a longer process.

    • Nithiya Benjamin

      Hi Karalyn, it’s Nithiya from Minfos. Thank you for your feedback, our support team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss.

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