Pharmacy’s rising stars

We’re entering the closing stages for nominations to identify the Rising Stars of Pharmacy

You have until Sunday 8 August to nominate entrants for our Rising Stars of Pharmacy campaign.   

We are asking readers to nominate a pharmacist or pharmacists who, regardless of age, fit the early career pharmacist definition (no more than 10 years of pharmacy practice experience post registration).

If you think they are innovators, keen to think up and try new ideas, techniques, approaches and skills and apply them to pharmacy practice, we want you to nominate them, and briefly (in 50 words or less) tell us why.

Entries are now closed

You can also email your nominations to

We ran a previous campaign to identify the Rising Stars of Pharmacy, in 2017. We think enough time has elapsed to identify a new and updated crop of younger (or newer) pharmacists who are helping to move the profession forward and expand its practice horizons.   

As a quick reminder, our final list in 2017 was:

  1. Elise Apolloni
  2. Taren Gill
  3. Krysti-Lee Rigby
  4. Jacinta Johnson
  5. Sam Turner
  6. Morgan Kennedy
  7. Kayla Lee
  8. Luke Vrankovich
  9. Jacqueline Kiel
  10. Teresa DiFranco

Amy Page, Jennifer Culverson, Rob Farrier, Joseph Foster and Sam Keitaanpaa also recieved substantial numbers of nominations last time around (and some of this list of 15 are still eligible this time around).

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