QCPP restructures assessment process

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Australia’s Quality Care Pharmacy Program has announced a major structural change in the way its assessments are conducted with the aim of increasing efficiency and improving outcomes for pharmacies and patients.

“QCPP is a quality assurance program designed specifically for use in community pharmacies. The program provides support and guidance on professional health services and pharmacy business operations,” the Guild said in a statement today.

“Accreditation in QCPP helps to ensure that community pharmacies across Australia provide quality professional services and customer care which result in improved health outcomes for all customers and patients.

“The value of the program is reflected in the fact that more than 90% of community pharmacies across the country are now QCPP accredited.”

The program also promotes excellence in community pharmacy management and practice while also providing wide-ranging value to accredited pharmacies through innovative business solutions and ongoing member support. QCPP also adds value to the management of pharmacy businesses.

QCPP aims to achieve these strategies with greater customer satisfaction through improved quality of assessments, increased efficiencies and improvements in how we provide assessment services and relate to our customers, the Guild says.

As part of the QCPP process, participating pharmacies undergo regular and rigorous assessments and the structural changes announced today see the appointment of leading consultancy Ernst and Young (EY) as assessment services deliverer.

The appointment of EY follows a national tender process with the contract seeking to enhance customer satisfaction and quality of assessment services to pharmacies.

Over the coming weeks and months, there will be enhancements to the documentation provided by assessors.

All QCPP assessors will continue to be licensed by QCPP to ensure appropriate qualifications and to ensure highly professional skilled assessors are used.

Pharmacies may have a different assessor under the new structure but all assessors will continue to be subject to the criteria and standards pharmacies have become used to over the years.

There is no change to QCPP requirements or evidence required at assessment.

EY will perform QCPP assessments in accordance with QCPP requirements, and QCPP program and assessment rules.

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  1. Harriet Wright

    Would love to hear from some other pharmacies on their thoughts regarding training. QCCP has this requirement for S2/S3 approved refresher training each year. I have 3 pharmacy assistants, one of whom has completed Cert IV and two who are doing it now. Anyone have any advice on good S2/S3 approved training that they can access which won’t cost the earth? One assistant MR has been in pharmacy for 15 years. She is interested in developing her product knowledge but the Guild/PSA modules are all repeats of the modules she has already completed during her Certificate training. If I develop some training modules will you all buy them? (wink) Seems like a business opportunity. I won’t charge $1000 per module either!

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