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Each single user annual subscription is for eMIMSCloud and the IMGateway drug, herb, food and supplement interactions data base, and is valued at $404.05 per subscription.

Still recommended text by the Pharmacy Board of Australia. The content in eMIMSCloud includes current Australian Product and Consumer Medicine Information, up-to-date PBS restrictions and pricing and a comprehensive evidence-based drug to drug and drug to allergy Interactions database. With additional links to TGA safety bulletins, NPS RADAR and NPS Medicines Update articles; eMIMS is one of MIMS’ richest resources, placing current medicines information, patient care information and clinical tools at your fingertips.

In the new eMIMSCloud you will find additional content such as tools and calculators to help you make decisions based on evidence based parameters.

The IMgateway Drug Herb and Food and Supplement interaction database is a unique interactions data base developed by Sydney University, School of Pharmacy and is an ideal resource for Pharmacists. The IMgateway database is continually evolving and growing in the number of evidence based interactions reported and enables pharmacists to retrieve evidence-based information on clinically-significant drug and herb interactions, drug and food interactions and now drug and Traditional Chinese Medicines (TMC) and Japanese Kampo Medicines interactions.

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  1. Tony Pal

    So what happens if someone else is already paying for eMIMs Cloud etc, and all I want is access to the Forum. Is it still $404.05?

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