Who wants to be a millionaire?

Maxigesic has revealed their ‘Chance to win $1 Million’ winner – but how much did the lucky 19-year-old win?

Tayla Laverty, 19, from Prospect in Tasmania, was drawn as a finalist several weeks ago.

She had entered the MAXIGESIC® competition after seeing promotional material at the Amcal Olde Tudor Pharmacy.

One of 10 finalists drawn at random from 27,000 entries nationwide, Ms Laverty was the lucky winner of the first round of the draw, which gave her the chance to progress to the final round, where she selected one envelope from 100 – knowing that one envelope would contain a life-changing $1 million.

Unfortunately, Ms Laverty’s pick did not contain the $1 million – but she still walked away with whopping $20,000!

The lucky winner holding her $20,000 cheque
The lucky winner!

“I’ve never won anything before – even just being announced as a finalist was amazing! We were flown to Sydney and had an incredible night in a luxury hotel last night,” says Ms Laverty. “$20,000 might not be $1 million, but it’s still going to make a big difference to my life. I will probably save it or use the money towards paying my university fees.

“I feel like I’m in a dream! I’m very grateful to AFT Pharmaceuticals.”

The other nine finalists from across Australia were also handsomely rewarded, each receiving a $5,000 runners’ up prize.

Dr Hartley Atkinson, CEO of AFT Pharmaceuticals and inventor of MAXIGESIC®, was thrilled with the response to the competition, and congratulated Ms Laverty on her win.

“While we were really hoping for a MAXIGESIC® Millionaire today, I’m happy that we were able to still provide significant prizes to all of the finalists that will surely go to good use! We are very happy for Ms Laverty and hope that this money brings her and her family much happiness.”

Dr Atkinson with one of the finalists.
Dr Atkinson with one of the finalists.

He was also very pleased that this promotion has helped to build awareness of MAXIGESIC® amongst consumers.

“I developed MAXIGESIC® as an alternative to other analgesics, particularly those containing codeine, which has been shown to be addictive, and not especially effective in low doses,” explains Dr Atkinson. “MAXIGESIC®, on the other hand, is non-habit-forming, and has been clinically proven to be an effective pain reliever.”

From February 2018, analgesics containing codeine will no longer be sold over the counter, and pain experts are encouraging Australians who currently rely on these drugs to trial a combination of Paracetamol and anti-inflammatory drugs, such as MAXIGESIC®, to treat their pain, before these codeine restrictions are implemented.

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  1. Big Pharma

    Amazing the mark up involved in 2 of the cheapest molecules floating around. Put them together, slap on a patent, market it as revolutionary (despite individual agents remaining unscheduled) and count the cash.

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