Pharmacy by the numbers

A new profession-specific annual report summary of the work of the Pharmacy Board has now been published

Drawing on data from the 2015/6 annual report by AHPRA and the National Boards, the report offers a snapshot of the pharmacy profession as of 30 June 2016.

Insights into the profession include:

  • Of the 657,621 registered health practitioners in Australia in 2015/16, 29,717 were pharmacists (4.5% of the total registrant base). 
  • 3,324 new applications for registration as a pharmacist were received. 
  • Registration for the pharmacy profession grew by 2.4% during the year to 30 June 2016. 
  • Student registration decreased by 1.5%, to 7,280 registrants. 
  • 61% of pharmacists are women; 39% are men. 
  • NSW was the principal place of practice for most pharmacists (9,171). 
  • The Northern Territory was home to the fewest (217). 
  • The age bracket with the most pharmacists was 25-29 (6,269 registrants). 
  • 2,343 pharmacists were under 25 years of age; 115 were aged 80 or over. 
  • As part of the registration process, 2,516 criminal history checks were carried out for pharmacists. Of 86 disclosable court outcomes, one required regulatory action. 
  • 570 notifications (complaints or concerns) were lodged about pharmacists during the year, equating to 1.9% of the profession. 
  • Immediate action to suspend or limit a pharmacist’s registration was taken 20 times in 2015/16. 
  • There were 236 active monitoring cases, with most relating to suitability/eligibility for registration as a pharmacist. 
  • 13 new complaints were made about possible statutory offences relating to pharmacy services. Almost all matters related to title protection or advertising concerns.
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  1. David Haworth

    3,324 new applicants and 7,280 students in the wings. Nearly 30,000 already in the workforce. Does not compute!

    • Anne Todd

      And close to 3000 are over the age of 60yrs, including the 115 over the age of 80. And a further 3500 of us myself included (eek!) are in our 50s.

      • Willy the chemist

        What is the yearly attrition rate? 3,324 new applicants is more than 10% to the workforce….unless the yearly attrition rate is of similar magnitude!

  2. United we stand

    61% of the profession are now female.
    Is there a glass ceiling facing men in pharmacy??
    Time to bring about programs to make sure there’s an even balance of men and women in pharmacy.

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