What did pharmacy think of the Budget?

It’s official: pharmacy has given the 2017 Budget a tentative thumbs up

The operative word is tentative, though. AJP asked readers how they rated the Budget, and while overall the profession found it positive, the approval was tepid.

The most common answer to our poll at the time of writing was to label the Budget “mostly good” (32% of voters).

But on its heels was the next most popular option: “has both good points and bad”. 31% of voters chose this option.

Nine per cent of voters said the Budget was “Excellent,” but they were balanced out by another 9% who said it was, “mostly bad”.

Generally, sector stakeholders found the Budget positive too, with the Guild welcoming measures such as a solution to risk share and plans to fund pharmacy programs through existing support as well as from the $600 million already in the Contingency Reserve from the 6CPA.

However PSA said it was a missed opportunity to maximise pharmacists’ role.

Reader Noel said he was concerned about the April price cuts: “April price reductions are a nightmare, all this going to do is create a bigger perpetual headache and more chaos for everyone around the Easter holiday period,” he wrote.

“So we now the public will really have to get used to more stock shortages and limited stock every April. Would June not have been a better month for this when we are all trying to reduce our stock anyway.”


What you said

Excellent – 9%

Mostly good – 32%

Has both good points and bad – 31%

Lacklustre – 11%

Mostly bad – 9%

Terrible – 5%

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