Pharmacy’s changing face

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Nine examples of how the profession is changing

Here are some of the interesting demographic changes that are happening in pharmacy taken from the latest Pharmacy Board of Australia registration statistics, and compared with those from six years ago:

  1. In June 2018 there were 31,108 registered pharmacists (In June 2012 there were 26,547
  2. The largest 5-year age cohort is currently those between 30 and 34 years, with 6,328, followed by 25-29 (with 6,096) and 35-39 (4,762). (In June 2012 the largest age group were those in the 26-30 category with 5,769)
  3. There are currently 140 registered pharmacists aged over 80 years, of whom 90 are actively practising. (In June 2012 there were 87, of whom 68 were active)
  4. The number of pharmacists aged under 25 is currently 2,091 (this is significantly down from the 3,235 in this age group in June 2012
  5. Currently 62.4% (19,411) of registered pharmacists are female. (In June 2012 it was 57.37% who were female
  6. There are currently less provisional registrants (1,710) than there were six years ago (In June 2012 there were 1,730 in this category)
  7. In June 2018 NSW accounted for 30.36% of registered pharmacists (down from 31.08% in June 2012)
  8. Victoria has seen the biggest percentage increase, currently having 25.27% of all pharmacists (compared to 24.57% in 2012)
  9. The number of pharmacists registered as undergoing post-graduate training or supervised practice has not changed with the profession’s rising numbers – 16 were registered in this category in both June 2018 and June 2012 (in both years these students were disproportionately located in NSW – 7 out of 16 in both)
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