Pharmacy’s leading women connect

A group of leading pharmacy women caught up at APP to connect and share ideas

Samantha Kourtis from former Pharmacy of the Year Charnwood Capital Chemist, and Karen Brown, whose Samford Chemmart took out the Community Engagement Award in 2016, organised a breakfast at APP to bring together what Ms Brown called “some amazing women in our field: innovative, passionate owners and mums”.

“I love the saying you are only as successful as the people you surround yourself with,” Ms Brown told the AJP.

“APP provided the perfect opportunity to catch up with like-minded, successful and innovative women.

“Collectively we can enhance each other’s potential.”

Ms Kourtis says, “There was a noticeable positive energy within the group. Passion combined with celebration and hope for our future in pharmacy!

“Coming from Canberra where geographically I’m surrounded by my colleagues, I hadn’t thought about how isolated some of our pharmacists can be across Australia.

“In this age of technology we have access to so many different ways to connect and stay in touch with each other. It just takes initiatives like this breakfast meeting to get the ball rolling!

“Our business and professional experiences were quite varied. Talking about them showed us new possibilities that we hadn’t even imagined were possible!”

And Lucy Walker, winner of the 2017 Pharmacy of the Year, said, “I really enjoyed the many and varied discussions with pharmacists from across Australia.

“We need many platforms and opportunities to support and learn from each other to help us innovate and grow.”

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