Poll: Are you registered and practising… or something else?

Are you keeping up your registration – but working or studying outside pharmacy? Tell us in our latest poll

There’s been a lot of talk lately about dissatisfaction in the profession, with a recent report showing that at some banner groups, up to 30% of employee pharmacists are hoping to quit the sector within five years.

The AJP reported this week on the latest statistics from the Pharmacy Board, which showed that there were 34,922 pharmacists currently registered in Australia – of whom 1,118 were non-practising.

But our readers had a few questions. Philip Smith asked us, “How many are actually practicing? How many are retraining or in another health field or job etc but keeping their registration as a backup?”

And Paul Sapardanis said he had always wondered just how many pharmacists were still in the community sector after five years.

Michael Post had a request for a new poll: “How many pharmacists maintain registration but have changed career or are studying/ training in a different field?”

We’d like you to tell us – whether you’re registered and practising, you’re studying to move into a different area – inside or outside health – or if you’re not working as a pharmacist at all, but keeping up your registration, in our poll below.

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