Poll: Does your workplace have a professional services pharmacist?

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We want to know if your workplace employs a pharmacist dedicated mainly to the provision of professional services

The recently published UTS Pharmacy Barometer asked 178 pharmacy owners and owner managers whether they employed a pharmacist dedicated mainly to the provision of professional services.

One fifth (19%) of pharmacy owners and owner managers indicated that they did employ a professional services pharmacist, however the majority (81%) did not.

The report authors suggested that this was perhaps due to the volume of service delivery.

“Over time we can expect to see this number grow as the positions become more viable,” said PSA director and past president Warwick Plunkett.

We wanted to poll our readers (both employees and owners): does your workplace have a dedicated professional services pharmacist?

This means a pharmacist who was hired with the specific purpose of providing professional services, with these services comprising the majority of their role.

This role can be filled by a colleague, employee or yourself.

If the answer is ‘yes’, please let us know in the comments section below what kind of professional services that your dedicated pharmacist provides.

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