Poll results: pharmacy supports MedsASSIST

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The AJP’s poll on codeine monitoring tool MedsASSIST have shown that Australian pharmacy strongly supports the program.

Last week we asked, “Is your pharmacy using MedsASSIST?” after posters in our forum section suggested some owners were unenthusiastic about the clinical decision support tool because of the possibility of lost sales.

Sixty-five per cent of our respondents – 140 readers – ticked, “Yes, it’s a great initiative” in the poll.

A further 8% said that while they had some reservations about MedsASSIST, it had been rolled out in their pharmacies; and another 5% said their pharmacy is planning to implement it.

Not all pharmacists, however, are on board.

While only 4% answered, “No, I don’t like MedsASSIST,” a significant minority of respondents – 8%, or 17 respondents – said that their pharmacy was not using the tool, and that they wished they had the power to change that decision.

Seven per cent of respondents said they were yet to make up their minds.

A spokesperson from the Pharmacy Guild welcomed the strong support for MedsASSIST indicated by the results.

“We have been very pleased with take up and with the approach of the majority of pharmacies,” the spokesperson told the AJP.

But he cautioned that more pharmacies needed to take the program up.

“For MedsASSIST to effectively monitor consumer use of these products so that pharmacists can help patients at risk of codeine dependence it is crucial that every pharmacy across the country uses MedsASSIST,” he says.

“It is also desirable, in order to maximise the effectiveness of MedsASSIST, that State and Territory Medicines and Poisons regulations be amended to mandate the real-time online recording of codeine supply.”

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