Poll: Are you still using MedsASSIST?

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It’s so valuable that the Health Minister intervened to save it… but are pharmacies still using MedsASSIST?

The Guild planned to wind up MedsASSIST in March 2017, saying it would be rendered obsolete after the TGA announced that it would upschedule codeine-containing preparations which are currently OTC. But Health Minister Greg Hunt intervened to stop the shutdown.

Before the TGA decision, upwards of 70% of Australian community pharmacies were using the decision-making tool. In February, an AJP poll showed that most pharmacies planned to keep it, with less than 10% expressing an intention to abandon it ahead of the upscheduling.

But by the time of the near-shutdown, our readers were suggesting as few as 40% were still using it.

Stakeholders continue to encourage pharmacies to keep using MedsASSIST as they prepare for February 2018. But are pharmacies doing so?

We’d like to know what you’re doing to help identify patients at risk of misusing codeine-containing OTC preparations: MedsASSIST, your own system, or something else?

Are you using MedsASSIST?

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