Poll: Do you stock CMs in your pharmacy?

Let us know if you do—and why or why not—in this anonymous poll

You’ve probably seen the stories about pharmacists stocking complementary and alternative medicines plastered all over the news this past week – first on Channel Nine, then on ABC’s Four Corners and various websites including the AJP.

While the vitamins and supplements industry argues that it’s perfectly okay for pharmacists to stock them, many doctors, academics and consumer groups have spoken out against the practice.

We want to know whether you stock complementary medicines and why/why not.

Perhaps you do, but let your customers know that there is limited evidence for their efficacy.

You may believe customers are going to buy them from somewhere (the supermarket, servo or even a vending machine) – so it might as well be from you.

Or alternatively, you have decided to take a stand and get rid of them altogether.

Let us know how you handle CMs in the anonymous poll below.

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