Poll: do you support injecting rooms?

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AJP would like to know whether pharmacists support a supervised injecting room in drug hot spots – and why/why not

Last month, Victoria’s government rejected calls for a medically supervised injecting facility in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond, which has seen an escalating problem of illicit drug use.

The knock-back followed calls from health stakeholders, such as harm minimisation proponent and pharmacist Angelo Pricolo and Sex Party founder Fiona Patten, to open such a facility.

An inquiry committee into the proposed facility found that injecting rooms have a positive effect on the health of people who use illicit drugs intravenously, as well as reducing “signs of drug use” in surrounding streets.

Mr Pricolo organised a PSA Harm Minimisation Forum late last month which looked at how a medically supervised injecting room could help reduce harms in the Richmond area.

At the forum, a flyer was introduced which will appear in the November edition of the Australian Journal of Pharmacy, and Mr Pricolo says he hopes pharmacies in drug hot spots will display it in a show of support for the room and harm minimisation policies.

In the meantime, AJP would like to know what the profession thinks about supervised injecting rooms – and why.

Whether you’re in an area significantly affected by illicit drug use or not, we’d like your opinion. Tick as many of the below responses as apply – and if there’s a reason you support, or don’t support, such a facility that we haven’t listed, please do tell us in the comments.

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  1. Jarrod McMaugh

    Encouraging results so far

  2. Renée Besseling

    In the last 30 years I learned that helping drug users to use the drug of their choice is letting the person continue destroying not only his or her own life but even family and society. I will never forget those intoxicated people in the Injection rooms I visited and Plats spitz inZürich. Maybe the worst where the social workers who thought they did a good job and politicians who meant well but didn’t think about the consequences of their decisions.

  3. marybrett1

    We need to get addicts off drugs, not encourage them to keep on using. The best way of doing this is by rehabilitation – preferably residential which has been shown to work That’s where the money should be spent.

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