Poll: What are the most pressing issues in pharmacy?

We want to know what’s most important to you right now

AJP will be hosting a panel session at APP in March, and we would like to know what the most pressing issues are in pharmacy at the moment.

Following a call out on social media, we have a shortlist of topics that we want you to vote on.

Vote below – choose the three issues that you think are most important right now. If something is not on the list, please comment below.

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    Poor wages (<$55/hr) due to excessive discounting in the industry. And more workload. Essentially the discounts owners provide mean less money for everyone; as that goes to subsidise the ridiculous discounting that goes on. An owner was complaining to me the other day that his profits are down. It was discovered that he was discounting PBS general Rxs to private <$41/$40 co-payment in order to compete. I was speechless. Well doesn't this demonstrate to the Government that pharmacies are rolling in cash!!!!

    Yes sub-$55/hr wages are poor for pharmacists because $55/hr is the minimum they should earn now in order to have kept up with inflation over the past 15 years!

    • Paul Sapardanis

      Wages will not go up until discounting stops. Discounting will not stop until the main player gets what they want. Even then discounting may not stop as it now to entrenched into how we do things. Look out for pharmacists to be put back on the skilled shortage list in the near future.

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