Poll: What do you think of the 7CPA?

We want to know what pharmacists think about the new Agreement, which comes into effect from today

The long-awaited Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) was signed in Canberra on 11 June.

Key features and changes as a result of the Agreement signed by Minister Greg Hunt, the Pharmacy Guild and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia include the following:

  • Dispensing fees have gone up due to re-investment of the Premium Free Dispensing Incentive (PFDI), which is going to be cancelled on the 1 July. The PFDI will be reinvested in the original dispensing fee, the AHI fee and the Dangerous Drug Fee, which will all see an increase.
  • A new volume-based remuneration adjustment mechanism to replace the risk-share arrangement.
  • The Federal Government has promised to make $1.2 billion available in funding over the life of the 7CPA for professional pharmacy programs and services—an additional $100 million investment compared to actual expenditure in the 6CPA.
  • The Clinical Interventions program will no longer be continuing from 1 July 2020 when the new Agreement kicks in. Clinical intervention payments have been absorbed into other expenditure on professional programs, a Guild spokesperson confirmed to AJP.
  • Health Minister Greg Hunt announced a transition from the Pharmacy Accessibility Remoteness Index (PhARIA) to the Modified Monash Model (MMM) for rural classification within first 12 months of the Agreement. The transition to MMM means an estimated 800 pharmacies will get additional financial support as rural pharmacies under the classification system.
  • According to the 7CPA, there will also be a 10% increase in the Rural Pharmacy Maintenance Allowance (RPMA), with the opportunity for further increases in subsequent years.
  • Both the controversial 60-day dispensing proposal and optional $1 discount are not written into the newly announced 7CPA. However the latter continues indefinitely.

We want to know what you think about the new Agreement and its features.

Is there anything you think is missing in the 7CPA, or is there something specific you would like to share? Let us know in the comments section below

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  1. Debbie Rigby

    Increased investment in HMRs and RMMRs/QUM services. Evidence-based and shown to make a difference in patient outcomes and reduced healthcare expenditure.
    Funding for asthma care programs through community pharmacy and GP pharmacists.
    Disappointed PSA is not a co-signatory for professional programs.

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