Minerals and mood disorders

What do you know about the link between depression, magnesium and zinc levels?

Australians spend a whopping $2 billion on vitamins and supplements in Australia, but a recent survey of pharmacists found a score of 62% accurate knowledge.

One area where there is a need for more education is on the association between mood disorders and mineral deficits.

Zinc and magnesium are essential for the regulation of numerous aspects of cellular function, and inadequate levels have been shown to have direct, observable effects on mood and behaviour.

While it is not yet clear whether poor nutritional status is a cause or effect of poor mental health, dietary zinc and magnesium intake has been reported to be insufficient in many Western populations. Australia is no exception.

Findings from the 2011-12 National Health Survey revealed that almost 40% of Australian adults consume less than the recommended levels of dietary magnesium, and around one-third consume less than the recommended levels of dietary zinc.

Here are some questions to test your knowledge:

How did you stack up?

Find the answers and learn more about magnesium and zinc, and their impact on mental health status here

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