Poll: professional goals in the new year

Do you hope to move into a different role, get a raise or leave the profession in 2017?

We want to know what your plans are as a pharmacy professional in the new year. Perhaps you are yearning for a career change, or aim to implement exciting new services in your pharmacy.

One of our most-clicked stories for 2016 was ‘Pharmacists want to run away‘, in which the majority of survey respondents reported wanting to leave the profession.

However throughout the past year we also heard from plenty of pharmacists from various parts of the profession, who are passionate about their job and their patients.

There is also a growing number of pharmacists moving into the general practice space.

So what is your plan for this year – are you planning to expand your pharmacy practice, stay where you are, or make a change?

Let us know!

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  1. Paige

    I need to drive turnover of my shopping strip pharmacy up to $300k a month. How does that compare to everyone else?

  2. Greg Kyle

    The 1st sentence is “We want to know what your plans are as a pharmacy professional in the new year”, but all that follows has an almost completely retail focus – pharmacy professionals work in more areas than retail!

    • Sheshtyn Paola

      Thanks for your comment Greg. Some of the options, however, were indeed broader than retail – including ‘move into a different role’, ‘relocate’, ‘leave the profession’, ‘undertake more training’ and ‘get a raise’. What options would you suggest we further add to the poll?

  3. David Haworth

    I’m going to be doing exactly what I am doing at the same rate of pay……wasn’t a vote option for me… 🙂

    • Sheshtyn Paola

      Hi David, if you don’t have a specific goal to change something then you can vote ‘I don’t have one’ 🙂

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