Poll: How can pharmacy raise wages?

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Wages for pharmacists are a source of significant tension in the industry – but what would be the best way to improve them?

One of the strongest themes emerging from submissions to the King Review is that of low wages for community pharmacists—to the point where many say they are considering leaving the profession.

“Next time you save someone’s life by preventing a fatal drug interaction, remember you’re worth less than a check out chick,” commented reader Guildman Sachs on a recent AJP story.

And BlinkyBill wrote, “The pay and conditions for supermarket shop assistants are pretty much akin to the appalling pharmacist’s conditions now. Not bad pay for someone who didn’t put in five years of study, no HECS debts, no loss of pay due to full-time study and no responsibility of ODing someone…”

But what do you think would be the best way to fix the issue and increase wages? Tick all the options you think apply.

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