Poll: would you go rural?

young pharmacists should go rural, says Gill: regional Australian landscape with windmil

It’s a common suggestion when the issue of jobs for pharmacists is discussed: move rural or regional to find better-paying work.

At the PSA16 conference a panel on pharmacist pay heard from NAPSA’s Matthew Scott that looking outside metro areas offered significant potential when it came to employment conditions.

“We know that our members are worried about an oversupply, but I’m getting involved in rural placements where they are offering me a job on the second day of placement,” he said.

“I know there are jobs available in rural areas that pay higher rates.”

But several readers took issue with the suggestion, saying either that the rural undersupply was a myth, or that if pharmacy was a good career it would not require moving out of major cities to find work.

“You should NOT be expected to go rural and endure the sacrifices as a professional after doing an arduous five-year pharmacy degree,” wrote reader Scott of Toorak.

What do you think – would you consider leaving the city behind if you needed to find work?

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  1. William

    After qualifying I used to do country locum jobs during the University holidays when studying Science. This could range from the total long vacation to month long jobs in the term holidays.
    Being young I enjoyed these roles immensely.
    However when I married a city girl who was not willing to live in the country this led to me passing by my uncle’s pharmacy. So it would depend on the couple.

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