Poll: Do you use My Health Record?

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So far, pharmacy uptake of the e-health system is lagging… we want to know if you’re using My Health Record

As at 8 October, over five million people have a My Health Record, with an average of one new record being created every 38 seconds.

In NSW alone, almost 500,000 electronic medical records are opened every single day, according to Jonathan Di Michiel, Program Director for the eMR Connect Program at eHealth NSW.

And since its inception, 13,329,229 prescription and dispense records have been uploaded.

More than 6000 out of about 7000 general practices (85%) are signed up to the My Health Record system.

Pharmacy uptake is lagging behind, with 1400 out of about 5700 pharmacies (25%) using the software.

However this number is expected to rise, as just two months ago six additional community pharmacy software vendors agreed to connect up to the My Health Record system.

The Australian Digital Health Agency entered into agreements with Dispense Works, Minfos, Mountaintop Dispense, RxOne, ScriptPro Dispense, and Z Dispense, in addition to Fred Dispense and Aquarius Dispense which were already connected to the My Health Record system.

We want to know if you’re using My Health Record, either as a patient or a pharmacy, and why/why not. Let us know below!

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  1. Karalyn Huxhagen

    While the extra software providers may have indicated a willingness to be involved the reality at the coal face that it has not happened. I am currently locuming and even in Fred pharmacies the speed of being able to use the program is limiting our ability to use it in a busy phcy.

    In my consulting business I have no access as I am not a section 90 phcy and do not meet the criteria. In Qld we also have the viewer project which now includes GPs but not phcy. The saddest part of all of this work is the lack of connectivity. providers such as Cerna and software providers are are so far behind in what we were all promised that it is a non event for many of us.

    Once again at a recent integration meeting I was told that discharge medictaion profiles are not on the list of important data to be up loaded to Viewer. I really shake my head at each months meeting where there is so much discussion about IT platform integration but so little discussion on what is needed in primary care.

  2. Jenny Madden

    I established my own record, and then contacted my GP’s medical practice, to inform them that I had a record. I was disappointed to discover that they are not using My Health Record, and have no plans to start!!

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