Poll: do you want to expand your role?


Are you keen to expand your role—or worried about workload and pay?

Last week, the Grattan Institute’s Dr Stephen Duckett said that using pharmacists’ skills to take the pressure off doctors is an “obvious step”.

“Pharmacists are highly trained, have deep expertise in medicines, and are located in communities throughout Australia. But their role is far more limited in Australia than in many other countries,” he wrote in the Australian, in an editorial which was welcomed by the Pharmacy Guild.

“With the agreements of GPs and patients, pharmacists should be able to provide repeat prescriptions to people with simple, stable conditions,” wrote Dr Duckett.

“They should also be able to provide vaccinations and to work with GPs to help patients manage chronic conditions.”

But over the last few months, AJP has received a number of comments from pharmacists expressing concern about how they are to fit more into an already busy day – and probably for no extra remuneration. (Click here to read a selection of these comments.)

Are you keen to expand your role into wider areas, such as helping manage minor ailments or chronic conditions, repeat prescribing or providing vaccinations? Or do you have concerns?

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