Poll: would you be an owner?

Do you plan to remain an employee your entire career, or do you hope to branch out into pharmacy ownership?

Challenges facing employee pharmacists are a hot topic at the moment, with the issue of wages frequently discussed. But in the age of price disclosure and seemingly constant calls for deregulation, pharmacy ownership isn’t for the faint-hearted either.

This year we’ve been warned that loan breaches are soaring, while increasing rents have been a problem for pharmacies for some time.

So, would you take the plunge? (Or if you’ve been an owner in the past, would you do it again?)

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  1. Greg Cadorin

    This suurvay is rediculous. The article is leading and ALL the answer are negative. There is not an answer to the question which says yes id like to be a pharmacy owner!

    Pharmacy media is doing its best to get everyone to leave the industry as soon a step possible. This is going to cause the destruction of the industry rather than encourage people to participate in fixing/maintaining it.

    • Megan Haggan

      Hello Greg, thanks for pointing this out. A positive answer was always intended, and has now been put back into the survey.

  2. Simon Sponza

    For those who say you can’t afford it, look into a partnership. An easier way to buy in, lower risk and you get an older mentor to put you on the straight and narrow. Not many people can go out and purchase a whole business by themselves these days. A partnership is a great starting point.

    • Andrew

      *cough* Ponzi *cough*

      • Simon Sponza

        Sorry you feel that way Andrew. I don’t feel it’s a ponzi at all. I could have bought a pharmacy outright (not the one I bought into however) but felt a partnership offered more opportunities. Are buying shares in a ASX listed company a ponzi? Still, I maintain partnership is a great way to get in.

    • Jarrod McMaugh

      I’d recommend this even if you’re in a position to buy outright. My partner is probably my biggest asset.

      • JimT

        and make sure you insure each other………I found out the hard way with my older partner suddenly passing on 🙁 🙁

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