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The Pharmacy Board received more than 30 submissions regarding pharmacist prescribing, and says it’s now reviewing the feedback

On 4 March 2019, the Board released a discussion paper, looking for public and stakeholder feedback on the potential for pharmacist prescribing.

It received submissions from a wide range of stakeholders, including pharmacist member organisation, government departments, medical practitioner organisations, consumer organisations, hospitals and individual pharmacists, it says.

The Board is planning to publish these submissions on its website in the near future.

It says that there was a “range” of views expressed.

“As outlined in the discussion paper, the next steps will be to review the feedback with a view to publishing a report about the feedback.

“If necessary, the Board will seek clarification or more information from organisations and individuals who made a submission.”

The report, which as yet has no estimated time of publication, is expected to provide further information about:

  • any additional work to be carried out by the profession if seeking to pursue one or more models of prescribing;
  • any further evidence to be gathered if sustainable prescribing models in the public interest are supported;
  • the roles of the profession and stakeholders in progressing any next steps; and
  • any proposed regulatory work that would need to be completed to support any proposals, including whether the Board would be required to progress any proposals to the Ministerial Council.

“The report to be published is to inform all interested parties about the views articulated in the broad range of submissions,” says the Board.

“The Board will not be determining whether proposals for prescribing by pharmacists will proceed as these are decisions taken by governments.

“However, the Board will continue to engage with the profession, government and stakeholders about any pharmacist prescribing proposals to discuss pertinent issues that must be addressed to ensure that the public is protected.”

Read about some of the submissions below:

Pharmacy Guild

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Australian Medical Association


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  1. Pilimao

    So does individual pharmacist gets paid by Medicare like doctors do when it comes to prescribing or does the poor pharmacist work even harder to keep up the $$$ for owners? Board cares about protecting the public then who protect the pharmacist? so really why bother raise this topic really….

  2. Tim Hewitt

    Pharmacists have been ‘prescribing’ since Plato was a boy…
    this is about the scheduling of chemicals..
    It doesn’t feel like that long ago Ibuprofen, ranitidine, pantoprazole and many other drugs were schedule 4, and had to be ‘prescribed’by Doctors..
    some are ‘pharmacist only’, requiring a pharmacists ‘prescription’.. some of these once ‘dangerous’ chemicals are now freely available from petrol stations….
    Once such drugs they are available without Dr prescription.. are they ‘prescribed’ by pharmacists (or next door neighbours) , or just ‘sold’??…

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