RB launches more GORD training

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Reckitt Benckiser has launched part two of the GORD Matters CPD accredited training program for pharmacists.

The GORD Matters 2 module is designed to assist pharmacists gain a greater understanding of what causes the symptoms of GORD and the complications associated with the condition and stay up to date with the latest trials and research on GORD and its causes.

The module also aims to help pharmacists identify the differences in the mechanism of actions of OTC GORD therapies, and provide advice on how they can best manage patients experiencing GORD symptoms.

GORD is a condition that currently affects over 11% of the Australian population. Most people suffering from GORD experience multiple symptoms that may be triggered by a host of precipitating factors.

Recently in clinical studies, a major source of postprandial acid reflux has been identified: the acid pocket. This is a layer of highly-acidic gastric secretion that accumulates close to the gastro-oesophageal junction after meals.

As the GORD Matters 2 module explains, the acid pocket naturally occurs in everyone but for those suffering from GORD, this pocket extends upwards into the gastroesophageal junction (The GOJ) and towards the esohapgus.

GORD sufferers experience an increase in the symptoms associated with reflux, some of which may cause discomfort after eating.

The GORD Matters 2 module also aims to bring pharmacists’ attention to the limitations of Proton Pump Inhibitor treatments, and introduce Gaviscon Dual Action as an alternative method of treatment.

Readers can visit www.rbhealthhub.com.au to start or complete their CPD accredited module.

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