Report: 80% of Chinese clinical drug trial results “fabricated”

A government review of trials for new pharmaceutical drugs has revealed large-scale fraud in the industry

According to Chinese publication Economic Information Daily, the country’s State Food and Drug Administration performed a one-year review of 1,622 clinical trials of pharmaceutical drugs awaiting regulator approval for mass production.

They found more than 80% of the clinical trial data were “fabricated”.

Some companies were also found to have deliberately concealed results that didn’t meet their expectations and omitted adverse reactions.

“Clinical data fraud is the industry’s open secret,” a hospital chief told the Chinese publication.

According to other sources, “selective use of data is widespread”.

The Food and Drug Administration said that lack of proper clinical supervision contributed to the widespread fraud.

“Clinical supervision has become the weak link in the drug regulatory system,” reported the Economic Information Daily.

Many “new” drugs are simply combinations of existing drugs, while clinical trial outcomes are written beforehand, with the data massaged to fit in with it, the report said.

It also singled out third party inspection agencies known as contract research organisations, saying they have become “accomplices in data fabrication due to cutthroat competition and economic motivation.”

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