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  1. Karmel

    Xeljanz released in USA late 2012. User reviews say puts on a great deal of weight in some. Intolerant to others. Looks like only benefits 20% of people with RA. Sounds like another immune suppressant, which leaves one vulnerable to colds flu infections danger for those having surgery. We must strive to get away from immune suppressant drugs. The vaccine mentioned…how often does one have the vaccine – once a year ? I was allergic to a flu vaccine and the Stevens Johnson allergic serious reaction lasted 10 months the efficacy of the vax. What is in it, mercury aluminium…no thanks !
    In USA, Canada, Spain EU etc. Medical Marijuana (not smoked) has great success in halting inflammation with many less side effects. Rheumatologists in Colorado now write scripts on medical card.
    Australia needs to legalise MMj for all of us out here suffering needlessly.

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