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AJP wants your help in identifying the 12 pharmacists who are driving the profession into the future

One of the high points of the pharmacy calendar is the announcement of the annual Pharmacy of the Year winners. As well as the overall winner, awards are also given for Business Management, Community Engagement and Professional Services Innovation.

It’s always exciting to hear about the ideas, innovations and new (or successfully recycled) concepts that have propelled these pharmacies to success. 

Coming up later in the year is the annual PSA Pharmacist of the Year award. Again this is always an exciting recognition of a pharmacist who is looking to expand the profession’s scope of practice or its roles and responsibilities. 

This year, AJP is setting out to find the people within pharmacy who are leading the way and doing this better than most.

In the last two years AJP has run two highly successful reader poll-based campaigns to find pharmacy’s 10 Women of Influence (2016) and 10 Rising Stars (2017).

This year we’re going to find Pharmacy’s 12 Agenda Setters – the pharmacists who their peers believe are driving the profession forward. This is open to all pharmacists – community, hospital, clinical, academic, military etc.

The criteria to consider are:

  • Is this person pushing the profession forward into new clinical and professional practice areas?
  • Are they implementing new procedures and policies that benefit pharmacy and patients?
  • Are they developing and/or implementing new business practices that enhance pharmacy viability?
  • Are they a leader in driving the visibility and presence of pharmacy within the healthcare landscape?
  • Are they leading the way in educating, mentoring and developing younger colleagues and enhancing pharmacy’s future?
  • Are they an agent of change for pharmacy (in whatever area they work)? It’s patients and it’s stakeholders?
  • Are they an innovator and/or entrepreneur within and for pharmacy?
  • Are they finding new directions in which to practice pharmacy?

So, think about the people in pharmacy that you know personally or hear or read about who inspire you with their drive to move things forward, and tell us who they are.

If you can think of someone who fits the bill for any or all of these categories, we would welcome your thoughts. Go to the box below to enter your vote (plus a brief explanation of why).

You can also email to lodge your vote.

We encourage you to vote for multiple candidates. Voting begins from 1 May, with the 12 leading candidates to be revealed in the 1 September editions of AJP in print and online.   

Entries are now closed

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  1. Jarrod McMaugh

    12…. I like that it’s not the standard “10”

    • Kevin Hayward

      I come from an era where 12 was the standard, 12 pennies to a shilling, 12 inches to a foot, etc etc, just shows how we can all have a different perspective on the same issue, and all be be correct.

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