The latest numbers from the Pharmacy Board, as pharmacy workforce continues to grow

The Pharmacy Board of Australia has listed its registrant data for the period of 1 October to 31 December 2017.

Here’s a snapshot of the profession based on the latest stats:

1. As of 31 December 2017, there were 30,913 registered pharmacists in Australia – up by 553 since 30 June. In comparison, there were 27,425 five years ago (December 2012).

2. 28,128 pharmacists held general registration, while 1,583 held provisional registration and 1,193 were non-practising pharmacists.

3. NSW had the most pharmacists at nearly one third of the national workforce (30.64%), followed by Victoria (25.02%) and Queensland (19.71%).

4. Northern Territory had the least amount of pharmacists (0.76%) followed by the ACT (1.83%). Slightly over 2% of pharmacists had no principal place of practice.

pharmacist stats by location

Source: Pharmacy Board of Australia

5. The biggest age group for pharmacists in the reporting period was 30-34 year olds (6,307 pharmacists), followed by 25-29 years olds (6,118) and 35-39 year olds (4,581).

6. The smallest age group for pharmacists started at 80+ (148 registered pharmacists), followed by 75-79 years old (285), 70-74 years old (475), and 65-69 years old (799).

pharmacist stats by age

Source: Pharmacy Board of Australia

7. Females comprised 19,166 (62%) of the total pharmacist workforce, while males comprised 11,747 (38%).

8. ACT had the most female pharmacists (66.1%) while Tasmania had the most male pharmacists (39.6%).

9. There were 832 people aged under 25 who held provisional registration, compared to just one person aged 60-64.

10. The highest amount of non-practising pharmacists was in the 30-34 age group (numbering nearly 200).

See the full report here.