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Flooding in Lismore. Source: NSW Flood Update, Facebook.

Large number of pharmacies file insurance claims in cyclone and flood aftermath

As many as 40 Queensland pharmacies may have been impacted by the recent Queensland floors and Cyclone Debbie.

Speaking to AJP, Tim Logan, president of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (Queensland), said he understands there may have been around 40 insurance claims filed in relation to the disaster, ranging from those who were “very significantly affected with water through the pharmacy or even structural damage, down to a couple of dozen who lost fridge stock due to extended loss of power.”

One of the worst affected pharmacies he has spoken to is the LiveLife Pharmacy Cannonvale, in the Whitsunday Islands. The shopping centre in which it is located has suffered probably structural damage, and the pharmacy was flooded.

Mr Logan said it was fortunate that the floods in Rockhampton hadn’t reached the expected peak, otherwise even more pharmacies would have been affected.

“Although even in these areas there will be economic impacts on pharmacies, and also staff and customers may have had their houses flooded,” he said.      

However Mr Logan said he was pleased with the way pharmacy had handled this year’s cyclone and flood event.

“With modern weather tracking technology we do get a good advanced warning of what may occur, and this combined with having a number of our members who’ve ‘been around the block’ in terms of dealing with disasters, we’re able to be very proactive,” he said.

“We can remind members of the correct insurance procedures and to follow protocols about what to do in the aftermath, for instance”.  

A number of northern NSW pharmacies have also been heavily affected. NSW Guild president Rick Samimi confirmed there have been “full insurance” cases among pharmacies in the heavily flooded city of Lismore.

Guild offices in both state have been working diligently to contact members in affected areas, both Mr Logan and Mr Samimi said.

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