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Codeine rescheduling decision deferred again as naproxen stays S2

The TGA has once again delayed announcing its final decision on the rescheduling fate of codeine-containing medicines.

In its latest release from the March meeting of the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling, the TGA said its “Delegate’s decision relating to scheduling of codeine will be made after June 2016”.

It had previously been announced that a decision would be made by May, but this has now again been postponed, without a reason being provided.

Department of Health officials had previously noted the “sheer number of submissions “ received in the consultation process since the rescheduling decision was [initially] deferred in November 2015 was “unusual”.

Meanwhile, the ACMS rejected a proposal to amend the “Schedule 2 naproxen entry to exclude naproxen (i.e. make it available for sale outside pharmacy) when containing 200 mg or less of naproxen per dosage unit in packs of 12 or less dosage units when not labelled for the treatment of children under 12 years of age”.

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  1. Robert

    Obviously the Codeine issue hasn’t died down enough, for the TGA to be confident of slipping the decision in anyway via the back door. So let’s keep watching. And shouting.

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