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Petition to Parliament calls for pharmacy to be at the centre of a nutrient supplementation program, while anti-vax citizens also speak up

A petition presented to Federal Parliament this week is calling for pharmacy to be heavily involved in a national vitamin, and other nutrient, supplementation program.

The small petition, from 65 citizens, was presented to the House of Representatives this week.

The petitioners encouraged “the implementation of evidence-based strategies to avoid a third wave of COVID infections.

“Fundamental to this is addressing common nutrient deficiencies that are prevalent in the community and known to negatively impact an individual’s immune response”.

They said that Vitamin D was “affordable and available at pharmacies. Over the course of the year, a daily dose of Vitamin D would cost $40 per person”.

Based on this premise, they asked the House of Representatives to:

  1. Introduce a government-subsidised national Vitamin D (and other critical nutrients) supplementation program;
  2. Re-introduce Medicare-funded pathology testing for Vitamin D and other critical nutrients;
  3. Increase funding through the NHMRC (and other sources) for research in nutritional medicine with a particular emphasis on the future management of epidemic and pandemic outbreaks;
  4. Encourage further education in nutritional medicine for Medical Practitioners, allied health professionals and the broader health workforce; and
  5. Improve community access to evidence-based, safe nutritional medicines through the pharmacy sector

Meanwhile, a number of other petitions were presented from citizens who objected to any forced or mandated COVID-19 vaccination program. 

One, from 612 petitioners opposed “any government measures that call for coerced or mandated
medical interventions, including mandatory coronavirus vaccinations, and I will vote for my representatives accordingly.

No pharmaceutical product or procedure should ever be forced, particularly a fast-tracked, experimental vaccine that is free from liability for any harm it might cause — be it a reaction, injury or death”.

“We therefore ask the House to immediately reject all calls for mandatory coronavirus vaccinations. Without health freedom there is no true freedom”.

Another, from 272 citizens, said: “Getting the COVID-19 vaccine must be a personal choice. No pharmaceutical product should ever be forced, especially a fast tracked experimental vaccine that its producers have freedom from liability for any harm it may cause”.

“Medical Mandates have no place in our free Democratic Society. We therefore ask the House to
Please allow personal choice, not coercion or public pressure, to be “the” only factor in getting a COVID-19 vaccine”.

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