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We take a look at 12 key business-related findings and statistics from the 2016 UTS:Pharmacy Barometer

  1. 84% of pharmacists would prefer a change to a health destination service based model

  2. 35% said they were moving toward a discount-based model

  3. 21% of pharmacists said they had changed their business model in 2016

  4. 68% of pharmacists indicated they had experienced no change in their remuneration in the last year

  5. 40% of owners believe that the value of their pharmacies will remain the same over the next 12 months

  6. 20% of owners believed their pharmacies would increase in value over the next 3 years

  7. 27% of pharmacists felt less secure about the future of pharmacy one year after the 6CPA was signed

  8. 65% felt the same about the security of community pharmacy

  9. 16% of pharmacists said they were financially pessimistic in the 12 months since the 6 CPA was signed

  10. 59% said their pharmacies had started to implement new professional services in the previous year

  11. 80% of employed pharmacists said they were implementing new professional services

  12. 53% of owners/owner managers were implementing new professional services

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