Teen loses sight after Pokémon GO accident

A 14-year-old boy has completely lost vision in his left eye after falling while playing the mobile phone game

While playing Pokémon GO the boy was distracted by the game and fell, experiencing a fracture of the lateral wall of the left orbit, explain the authors in this month’s issue of the Medical Journal of Australia.

This led to central retinal artery occlusion and traumatic optic neuropathy, an acute injury to the optic nerve that results in vision loss.

“Our case again highlights the dangers of mobile phone distraction,” warn the authors from the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth, WA.

Pokémon GO’s release as a mobile phone app in July 2016 has been followed by a spate of injuries and accidents due to distractions – including some people who walked off cliffs or were involved in road accidents by playing while behind the wheel.

Thankfully the popularity of the game is waning, as four out of five users have reportedly quit since its launch – however that still leaves about 5 million daily active users in the US alone.

And there’s no telling how soon a similar game may be released in the near future.

Image: Flickr

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