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Stories relating to Chemist Warehouse again monopolised AJP reader interest over the last month, with pay and errors also rating

Pharmacists’ fascination with all things relating to Chemist Warehouse continues unabated in 2021. Looking back at our last month’s stories, three of the top 4 most read articles were about the discount giant.

As always, stories relating to pay and conditions, and to intentional or accidental errors, also rated highly.

These were the ten most read stories on our website from the 10 March to 10 April

  1. TGA fines Chemist Warehouse
  2. CWH the ‘worst offender’ on pay: union
  3. Pharmacist error lands patient in ED
  4. CWH pinged over ad claims
  5. Could poor pay deter best candidates?
  6. Pharmacist’s fraud ‘unusually sinister’ says sentencing judge
  7. Inappropriate prescribing lead to ‘tragic’ outcome
  8. Chronic understaffing, high stress and low pay
  9. ‘I was steeped in shame’
  10. 20mg instead of 2mg of hydromorphone

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  1. Peter Allen

    Should Mystery Shoppers be part of ongoing QCPP?
    I get rate migraines, was after a replacement for a recent attack where sumatriptan was totally appropriate.
    CW. Discount price does it include discount advice?
    I’m retired but try to keep up with therapeutics and when I got a migraine earlier this week I asked at a CW what they had.
    (I was thinking about S3 sumatriptan)
    Only panadeine
    Are you a pharmacist?
    No a student. No offer to get one. I asked for one and requested “Imigran”
    No you need a prescription
    Not now.
    Yes you do
    You might check…
    You were right take this to the cashier
    No label?
    Don’t need one.
    (An address label is required)
    Cashier scanned it; you need a pharmacist.
    Forget about it.

    Next day at another local pharmacy the pharmacist did a perfect interview, asking informed questions along with a personal concern.

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